Sources Claim Keystone XL Pipeline Delayed


It looks like a win for landowners and those concerned with the environment (and actually a win for everyone).  The State Department and White House decided to delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

The State Department said it needs more time to prepare its recommendation to the president because the pipeline route is mired in uncertainty.  A legal dispute is underway in Nebraska over the route and it is unlikely to be resolved before next year.

The project has caused problems for landowners due to Transcanada’s confrontational, bullying tactics.  They have been attempting to take the land under eminent domain even before the project has been approved by the government. They have tried to impose terms landowners don’t like.

Other issues include the fact that the pipeline would cross a huge, major underground water supply in Nebraska and that the production of this type of tar sands oil makes a large quantity of greenhouse gasses.

President Obama has said he would approve the project only if it could be proven not to worsen emissions of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.,0,6905254.story#axzz2zHgovBdH

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