Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Claims Ukraine Situation Similar to WW I

Granted, the man is now 95 years old and a German national.  He may not have the same views as your average person.

Helmut Schmidt was  the Chancellor of Germany from 1974 to 1982.  He was a left-wing Social Democrat.  (He is not to be confused with Helmut Kohl of the center-right Christian Democrats.)

Schmidt generally lays blame on the European Union for trying to force Ukraine to choose between the East and West.

But he also said this:

“I think very little of talking up the threat of World War III, and especially of demands for more money to arm NATO,” said Schmidt, “But the danger that the situation gets ever more tense, as it did in August 1914, is growing day by day.”

“The situation to me seems increasingly comparable to the eve of war a century ago,” he added.

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