Arkansas Voter ID Chaos



An Arkansas voter ID law was approved last year by the Arkansas GOP-controlled legislature.

A judge struck down the law last April, 2014, and the law is now in some kind of legal “limbo.”  It is supposedly still in effect, and the state went ahead and enforced the voter ID laws during the Arkansas primaries on Tuesday.

After checking ID, election workers quizzed voters on their personal information, and they used electronic card strip-readers to verify ID.

However, these things apparently go beyond what the law allows.

Also, some voters without proper ID are said to have been wrongly denied provisional ballots.  If they don’t have ID, they are supposed to get a provisional ballot and return with ID later.

In addition, large numbers of absentee ballots also are in danger of not being counted.

Apparently, voters are supposed to send ID with absentee ballots, but often that didn’t happen.

The director of the state Board of Election Commissioners Justin Clay said the state’s training program for poll workers had made clear that the law allows them only to verify the name and picture on voters’ ID.

However, the official response in Arkansas has been lackadaisical.

Clay said he had spoken to one county involved, which assured him that it had trained its poll workers correctly. He was asked if there was a plant to investigate further.

“No plan at the moment,” said Clay, adding that unless the board received complaints from voters or from county clerks on voters’ behalf, there wasn’t much it could do.

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