U.S. Politicians Should Be Required To Carry This

U.S. politicians should “concealed carry” this map and information.


Note that much of the Sunni areas are controlled by ISIS.  That’s because ISIS is a Sunni militant group.  The Shia militias are found in the Shia (same as Shi’ite) areas.  Bashar Assad is an Alawite Muslim, related to Shi’ite Muslims.   The ISF are Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

Here is more information about the rebel groups:

SUPREME MILITARY COUNCIL: Syria’s more moderate rebel units, known together as the Free Syrian Army, and the primary object of American aid.

BREAKAWAY FACTIONS: These include several fighting groups with a mix of religious and nationalist ideologies that are highly localized, some of whom broke away from the FSA but still work with them. They include the Syrian Revolutionaries Front led by Jamal Maarouf, also known as Abu Khaled, the Islamic Army headed by Zahran Alloush and Harakat Hazm, reported earlier this year to have received U.S made advanced weapons including TOW missiles.

ISLAMIC FRONT: An alliance of seven powerful conservative and ultraconservative rebel groups that merged in late November. They want to bring Shariah law to Syria and they reject the Syrian National Coalition, but cooperate with some of their fighters on the ground.  U.S. aid could go to some of its factions. The Syrian National Coalition is a coalition of local councils, unions, and tribal groups that support the rebel movement.

Al NUSRA FRONT: Al-Qaida’s branch in Syria. It was declared a terrorist group by the United States.  THIS GROUP SHOULD NOT GET AID.

THE ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND AL-SHAM (ISIS or ISIL): Originally al-Qaida’s branch in Iraq, led by Iraqi militant Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They turned against it because of its brutal tactics, but particularly because it seemed determined to take over the rebel movement for its own aims — creating a transnational extremist state. Al-Qaida’s central command ejected it from the network for its clashes with other rebels.  This group should also not get aid.

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