Washington Post Article By Iraqi Saif Al-Azzawi

Recently, The Washington Post had an article by Iraqi Saif Al-Azzawi, who is a translator for the Los Angeles Times.   In the article, he gives his take on what has happened to his country after the 2003 invasion:

“To make things worse, the U.S. dissolved the Iraqi army and started a process to remove those politically aligned with Saddam, which ended up taking jobs away from thousands of Sunnis and seemed like an unfair witch hunt. Add to these political actions poverty and a lack of basic services, and you end up with a deep, sectarian divide in Iraq that I believe led to the insurgency and the problems that exist today.”

“I despised Saddam, but I don’t think an extremist group like the Islamic State would exist under his rule. Even if Saddam had gone crazy and killed a bunch of people, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the number who have died since he was overthrown. I see a civil war coming, and an Iraq divided into states.”

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