Lone Gunman Cop-Killer In Pennsylvania


Why watch Hollywood movies about this type of thing when you can just read the news?

State police provided new details Friday, two weeks after someone opened fire at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove, killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and injuring Alex Douglass, a trooper who remains hospitalized.

A man named Eric Frein is suspected of the shooting.

State police Lt. Col. George Bivens, speaking at a news conference at the Blooming Grove Township Building in Pike County, said evidence found suggests the 31-year-old Frein is still in the area being searched.

That evidence includes soiled diapers – snipers have been known to use diapers to stay in position for long periods of time – and a distinctive brand of Serbian cigarettes, Bivens said.

Authorities believe they have Frein contained within a 5-square-mile perimeter around his parents’ home in Canadensis.

Sightings have been made by law enforcement officers, Bivens said, but not at distances that would allow the use of deadly force authorized in the ongoing search, Bivens said.

Frein has been seen wearing black, and his movements suggest “some of this is a game to him” — staying far enough to avoid pursuit but venturing to probe the perimeter established by police, Bivens said.

A police dog picked up Frein’s scent several days ago and flushed him from his hiding place. But the distance was too great, and Frein was able to get away, the dense canopy providing cover from a police helicopter overhead, Bivens said Friday.

“I expect that he’ll be hiding and try to take a shot from some distance from a place of concealment, as he has done in the past,”  said Bivens.

Police say the hard drive of a computer used by the suspect in the deadly ambush of Pennsylvania state police troopers provides evidence he has been planning an attack for a long time and preparing to avoid arrest, as well as shows Eric Frein did Internet research on how to avoid police manhunts and on law enforcement technology and survival skills.

Underscoring the danger they face as they pursue him, Bivens said Frein has experimented with explosives, citing materials that police found and interviews with people who knew him.

Apparently, Frein knew of one of the state troopers who was shot in a shift-change ambush — and he may have believed the trooper was having an affair with his own sister-in-law, Mail Online reported recently. However, there is little evidence that this was the case.

Alex Douglass, who was critically injured after being hit in the pelvis, lives less than half a mile from the family of Frein’s brother and was friends with the fugitive’s sister-in-law Melissa.

Douglass is still recovering in hospital, 13 days after he was shot at the state police barracks at Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania as he turned up for work. Another trooper, father-of-two Bryon Dickson was killed.


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