TYT Network: “Khorasan” Doesn’t Exist

In a piece for The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald claims the terror group Khorasan doesn’t actually exist and was made up to stoke fears and justify attacks in Syria.

Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, tweeted this: “Syrian activists telling us they’ve never heard of Khorasan or its leader.”

TYT takes a look at it.

Here is the piece by Greenwald:


One thought on “TYT Network: “Khorasan” Doesn’t Exist

  1. Of course it’s a lie. Didn’t you notice how the fast Republicans on this one? It’s from their playbook and they are in hog heaven. Next time you see an ex-general interviewed on a “news” show, google their name and “works for” to see which defense contractor or investment group they are whoring themselves out to. Jon Stewart recently had his general talking straight talk about how we had to do this fight. Yeah. Ex-marine general is working for British Aerospace. I’m thinking Harrier jump jets here, eh? And Jon Stewart was so stupid.

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