Airstrikes Over The Weekend

Canadian CF-18s

The United States carried out three airstrikes against ISIS militants in Syria on Saturday and Sunday using fighter jets, according to the U.S. Central Command. In a separate offensive, U.S. military forces used bombers, fighter jets and helicopters to conduct six airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, CENTCOM said.

The strikes in Syria destroyed an ISIS bulldozer, two ISIS tanks, another ISIS vehicle and six ISIS attack positions, CENTCOM said in a release. The strikes in Iraq hit two mortar teams, a large ISIS unit, two smaller ISIS groups, and destroyed a total of three ISIS Humvees. CENTCOM said all of the friendly aircraft used in the attacks “departed the strike areas safely.”

Friday, multiple armored personnel carriers which had been controlled by the terrorist group were destroyed. That was the same day that ISIS revealed it had beheaded United Kingdom citizen Alan Henning.

The airstrikes were conducted by the United States, using both manned aircrafts and drones, although CENTCOM said that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates lent support.

The anti-ISIS coalition has grown slightly larger in recent days. Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his country would launch airstrikes in Iraq and possibly Syria, depending on whether the Syrian government gave permission.

“We will strike ISIL where, and only where, Canada has the clear support of the government of that country. At present, that is only true in Iraq,” said Harper. “If it were to become the case in Syria, then we would participate in airstrikes in that country also.”

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott also announced that it would participate in airstrikes against ISIS on Friday. Like Harper, Abbott said Australia would only launch attacks in Iraq for now, leaving Syria untouched.

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