Vicious Murder In Texas

A Texas man from Nueces County (the Corpus Christi area) admitted to killing his mother and raping her corpse.

Kevin Davis pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree murder, just as his trial began.

A jury took less than an hour to give the 18-year-old life in prison.

Kyle Kulinski video.

3 thoughts on “Vicious Murder In Texas

  1. Kevin Davis clearly has a severe case of mental illness. He needs to be locked up for life. He would be a menace if he ever was released into society!

    1. A crime like that one is pretty rare and brutal.

      I generally agree with Kulinski, who is against the death penalty.

      1. I am against the death penalty too. More and more today violent crimes are becoming more gruesome. I don’t know if you viewed my About page, but I worked with the criminal justice system for 30 years. I have some stories to tell. I’m so thankful to be retired and not have to talk crime for 8 hours a day, all week long!
        It was depressing. 😦

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