Study Shows Politicians Ignore Latinos

According to CNN, Latinos are the fastest growing minority, making up 16% of the nation’s population. In 2012, 71% voted for Barack Obama and 27% voted for Mitt Romney. One might think that all politicians would pay attention to this fast-growing minority group.

Not true, according to Christian Grose, a political scientist at the University of Southern California, and graduate student Matthew Mendez sent emails to 1,871 legislators in 14 states with large Latino populations.

They sent e-mails asking the politicians what kind of documentation they needed to vote. They randomly assigned legislators to get the emails, but some emails came from a “white-sounding” name, and others came from a “latino-sounding” name.

TYT video.

4 thoughts on “Study Shows Politicians Ignore Latinos

  1. Apparently I did not get the gist of your statement. It is very true that the Republican/conservatives did all that they could to interfere with voting rights, particularly affecting minorities, specifically gerrymandering, manipulating districts. I agree that they ( I reiterate the Republicans) sought to interfere with voting rights. I don’t believe that the Democratic party did this, it would certainly not have been to their advantage. Thank you.

    1. Right. The host makes the point that the Republicans who favor voter ID laws were the ones least likely to respond to people with a Latino-sounding name.

      He said that Democrats responded more equally, whether the e-mail came from a person with an Anglo-sounding name or Latino-sounding name.

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