North Carolina Removes Voting Sites From College Campuses

Apparently, North Carolina has removed early-voting sites from some college campuses.

Some of the largest college campuses in the state will not host early voting sites for the fall election.

The Huffington Post states:

“The Republican-dominated North Carolina State Board of Elections, among other efforts, has sought to remove an early-voting location from the campus of Appalachian State University…”

According to the newspaper The State:
“The issue raised the ire of students and voting advocacy groups, and a lawsuit was brought over the removal of a site from Appalachian State University. On Wednesday, after an N.C. Court of Appeals decision, the State Board of Elections added a voting site at ASU. Minutes later, the state Supreme Court said it was sending the case to the Appeals Court to review.”

Below is a video about it with Cenk Uygur.  One point that Uygur also brings up is the clever way that Fox News seems to bring on women to criticize women, blacks to criticize blacks, and Latinos to criticize Latinos.

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