Not Funny: General Patton Was Actually Very Anti-Semitic

O'Reilly1Patton1Bill O’Reilly came out with a book about General George Patton without once mentioning that Patton was not only anti-Semitic, but very anti-Semitic.

Sources state that at least twice in his actual diary, Patton referred to the Jewish displaced persons (DP) as “animals.”

Here is what Patton thought about Earl G. Harrison, the dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s law school who had inspected the concentration camps:

“Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly to Jews who are lower than animals.”

Harrison also wrote a report to President Harry Truman about the concentration camps.

These excerpts from Patton’s letters and diaries can be found in “The Patton Papers,” a collection edited by Martin Blumenson, a military historian.

Remarkably, O’Reilly and his researcher Marin Dugard cite the Blumenson volume in their bibliography but make no mention of the passages quoted.

Sources state that O’Reilly exhibits appropriate horror at Nazi atrocities and cites the two instances were Patton slapped hospitalized GIs claiming shell shock, but is silent about Patton’s anti-Semitism.

According to writer Richard Cohen:  “As Truman’s letter suggests, this was not a personal and irrelevant belief that had no practical application. It was a bigotry that warped Patton’s judgment and affected his treatment of some of history’s most unfortunate people. Some of his ‘animals’ had just survived Auschwitz.”

Patton didn’t seem to care.

He had witnessed the liberation of the concentration camp at Ohrdruf, a hideous place of unimaginable cruelty, and while what he saw led him, as O’Reilly writes, “to vomit at the side of the building,” it seemed to make no lasting impression.

When he later took command of the DP camps, he not only made the survivors feel they were once again imprisoned but put one-time Nazi sympathizers in with the Jews, adding an element of sheer terror.

10 thoughts on “Not Funny: General Patton Was Actually Very Anti-Semitic

  1. You have it exactly backwards. Jews are anti-European. The fact that Patton observed this is what bothers you.

    Do you also hate Palestinian people? Let me guess, Palestinians are an “invented people” just like White people are a “social construct,” right?

    But Jews are ok, yes?

    Damn you people are just phoning it in at this point. Those quotes are so out of context I’m surprised even a progressive would try to pull that off.

    Did you also support the Morgenthau plan to genocide German people? Is it just Germans you hate, or Polish people too? It’s hardly a surprise, you Commies killed far more people than the Nazis did.

    1. The Jewish topic is complex.

      I separate “Jewish people” from the Israelis, because I think what the Israelis did to the Palestinians was wrong.

      In Europe, there are far more “Europeans.” The Jews are far outnumbered, and therefore “Europeans” have the power. I can’t imagine that the Jews could have done to the “Europeans” what the Nazis did to the Jews.

      Anyway, Patton also said about the camps after the war:

      “If they (the Jewish DPs) were not kept under guard they would not stay in the camps, would spread over the country like locusts, and would eventually have to be rounded up after quite a few of them had been shot and quite a few Germans murdered and pillaged.”

      1. >Also, that Commie comment was ridiculous

        WOW – just … WOW

        He thinks the Holomodor is okay because the victims were “class enemies” – or “race enemies” – let’s be honest.

        Which other genocides will this Zio-NAZI “progressive” justify?

      2. What are you talking about? No one said the Holodomer (The Holodomor was a famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1932 and 1933 that killed about 4 million Ukrainians) was OK.

        Both the Holocaust and Holodomer were bad. It’s not as if only one or the other was bad. It’s not a “one or the other” type of thing. It’s not like “the Haulocaust was bad so that means the Holodomer was NOT bad.” It’s not that type of thing.

        It’s not “either/or” or “black/white.” They were both bad.
        Updated to correct spelling.

    2. One more thing in case you didn’t understand:

      When I said the Commie comment was ridiculous, I meant that YOU calling ME “you Commies” was ridiculous.

      Also, I left you a reply at your website….

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