Glenn Beck’s Commentary On Obama

The right may start to use code words, be divisive and drive wedges.

Here Glenn Beck tells Bill O’Reilly that there was no “humility” in Obama’s after-election speech.

What does that mean?  Just because he didn’t bow down to Republicans, that means he had no humility?

Beck also tells O’Reilly that Obama will “super-serve the uber-left.”

Kyle Kulinski video.

6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Commentary On Obama

  1. Um, was the word Glenny was looking for “uppity”?

    I thought the speech was typically thoughtful and low key. Sometimes I wish the President would get so mad thunderbolts crashed from his fists, vanquishing his pathetic opposition, but he is too classy for that crap.

  2. After the election, I wonder what the Democrats do stand for. Not embracing the policies and accomplishments of the Obama administration was gutless and destructive.

    That said, I wonder if they have the resolve to stand behind him this last two years when he clearly needs a little party loyalty for a change.

    As for the President, I think he does have the resolve to hang onto what he believes and wants to accomplish, but doesn’t project that resolve adequately to the nasty people in Congress.

    If he has to have the bastards over for lunch at the WHite House, smooze with them because they need to have their egos masturbated, then he should do that. It won’t be what he’s about, but sometimes you have to kiss the devil on the lips to get done what is right and needs to be done.

    1. I agree. While it could be better, the economy has improved since the last year of Bush’s presidency. Obamacare (including the Medicaid expansion) has insured millions.

      ISIS is hurting, Ebola hasn’t gone anywhere – only one man in the U.S. has it (Dr. Craig Spencer in New York). It seems like there are more positives than negatives, so they shouldn’t have been afraid to be seen with him.

      And look what happens when they move right and don’t want to be seen with him – a Republican blowout.

  3. Gutless cowards. I was disappointed.

    As someone with Wegener’s granulomatosis/GPA who went several years with inadequate, then no health insurance because of the extortionist costs of it, it was fortunate that I managed to stay in remission because a hospital stay would have bankrupted me. “My” disease kills quickly when untreated.

    When I read what right wingers have to say about Obamacare, I secretly hope they die horrific deaths, like those they would condemn many to because they couldn’t be insured or afford insurance, the price of repealing this landmark legislation.

    Sorry to be so passionate and negative about it, but this is how mad I want those Democrats in Congress to be every time the right wingers try to gut and destroy this legislation!

    I voted for Democrats this time, but I’m registered as an independent. Next time, I’ll vote for those Joni Ernst hasn’t deballed!

    1. There have been studies that showed somewhere between 18,000 and 45,000 people die per year in the U.S. because they don’t have health insurance.

      That’s pretty brutal, and most countries make some effort to get everyone insured.

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