St. Louis Driver Hits Protestors With Car And Waves Gun


According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a man was arrested Wednesday evening in St. Louis after he drove through the crowd and later waved a gun at protesters.

A protest leader said four protesters were hit. A police spokeswoman said nobody was seriously hurt.

According to the Post-Dispatch, protesters then chased and surrounded the minivan, and the driver waved a black handgun at them. At one point, protesters broke out the van’s back window. The van was dented, and police recovered a rock from the back seat. Police took the driver, a 57-year-old man, into custody.


Motorist hits Central West End protesters

Motorist hits Central West End protesters

Motorist hits Central West End protesters

TYT video.


2 thoughts on “St. Louis Driver Hits Protestors With Car And Waves Gun

  1. Actually this video was a bit too much for me. I subscribe to the theory of two sides to every story. However, what I’m seeing a lot of and have seen for decades is the continuing of keeping Negros tied to servitude. Everyone needs a helping hand sometime in their life and I’m all for making sure no one goes hungry, everyone has a fair and equal opportunity for housing and education, etc. However, I’m not for holding out your hand generation after generation claiming you are being persecuted. So many have allowed themselves to move into the victim mentality, they know of no other way to live. Our country is desperate for pre-teen boys to have strong father figures in their lives. Men who are setting good examples and mothers who show my example that it’s okay to become a college graduate and respected by her peers. The programs are available but the people would rather riot than listen to and participate in opportunities already funded for peaceful co-existence. There’s hope but to make our country strong, we must all work together and not against each other.
    I recognize the need for all cops to wear the recording cameras as part of their uniforms. Once again, the money is available for this program and shame on the cities that have not implemented this opportunity.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Can you list some of the programs you’re talking about?

      What about the lack of quality, living wage jobs?

      What about the exorbitant cost of college education? Could something be done about it?

      College education in Germany is free. Shouldn’t we figure out how they do it?

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