Who Is Akai Gurley?


On November 20th, an NYPD policeman shot Akai Gurley in a stairwell in a Brooklyn apartment building.

His girlfriend on the stairs below him came back up and found Mr. Gurley, 28, near the fifth-floor landing and rushed to a family friend on the fourth floor of the housing project to call 911.

“My neighbor says her boyfriend has been shot,” the friend told the dispatcher, according to the police official, who had viewed the call logs. “Call the cops.”

Upstairs, two officers already knew who had fired the shot. A gun in the hand of one young officer, Peter Liang, had gone off, the round flying down the dark, cinder-block stairway.

It is unclear whether it was an accident.

Later, protesters and community leaders – including Rev. Al Sharpton – assembled outside the 75th Precinct station house in the East New York and drew parallels to Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

According to Sam Seder, Akai Gurley was shot by an NYPD cop who was specifically unauthorized to be there.

Also, as Gurley lay dying on the ground, officer Peter Liang contacted his Union Rep. and was not able to be reached for almost 7 minutes.

Majority Report video.

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