Is Welfare A Bribe?

Welfare is a bribe because…you know…living in public housing must be “the life.”

U.S. Rep-elect Glenn Grothman (Republican, Wisconsin) thinks that welfare is a bribe.

He feels that the government is bribing single parents to stay unemployed and unmarried.

Majority Report video.

9 thoughts on “Is Welfare A Bribe?

  1. Yeah, I’m having a real blast living in public housing. To make the experience even more enticing, I’m getting evicted because I didn’t prove my $700 a month income before the deadline. Maybe they’ll bribe me now for being homeless in a month! Who could resist such treasures?!

  2. Yewah, living at the bottom of the socio-economic pile. What a dream life that is! I’m surprised the top 1% haven’;t divested themselves of all wealth so they can be Lucky Duckies, and get “free” or low cost housing and other benefits from the government. How short sighted of them! People are dying to live at the bottom! Millions of them!

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