Artist Wins ‘Eat More Kale’ Trademark


A folk artist who became a folk hero to some won a legal battle with fast-food giant Chik-fil-A over the use of the phrase “eat more kale” — similar to their trademarked “eat mor chikin.”

In the summer of 2011, Bo Muller-Moore sought to trademark the phrase. It was a short time later that Chik-fil-A sent Muller-Moore a letter telling him to stop using the phrase because the company felt it could be confused with “eat mor chikin.”

In the letter, Chik-fil-A cited 30 examples of others who had tried to use the “eat more” phrase and withdrew it after the company objected.

Muller-Moore said Thursday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted his application to trademark “eat more kale,” a phrase he says promotes local agriculture. He silk-screens the phrase on T-shirts and sweatshirts and prints them on bumper stickers that are common in Vermont and beyond.

Muller-Moore is planning a formal announcement of his victory Friday with Gov. Peter Shumlin and other supporters on the Statehouse steps.

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