Canadian Woman Gets $950,000 Hospital Bill For Having Birth In U.S.

A Canadian woman recently gave birth in America while on vacation. She now owes nearly 1 Million dollars for complications related to her pregnancy.

Canadian news group Truth Mashup takes a look at it.

Truth Mashup video.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Woman Gets $950,000 Hospital Bill For Having Birth In U.S.

  1. Have you ever thought she did it on purpose thinking she would have a baby for free in the USA, and the US tax payers would pay for it? What mother travels when she is close to her due date? Giving birth so far from home any ways?

      1. My mother had 9 children withe ladt 3 giving complications. My parents never traveled in her last 2 months before giving birth. My wufe had 2 children snd she choice to stay close to home her last 60 days in case complications arose.

      1. Yes i do. I had a friend whos wife gave birth 8 weeks earily to twins. She had a c section. She stayed only one week and babies for 2 months. The insurance only paid to $500,000 and the rest of the bill was 50,000 and he had to sell his home. They wouldnt except 100 a month payments.

      2. I reviewed the video again and the speaker states she had a preexcisting condition. She was aldready pregnate before boarding the plan and buying the insurrance. So she knew full well of that when she or her husaband bought the insurrance. She just should have waited till after she gave birth. 7 months snd 3 weeks is late into the pregnacy. The video dosent even say if she was having any complications with the birth even. 90% of the time when a child comes early the mother was already having difficutly before that.

      1. Your right. But people still try. Canada hss universal health care, dosent it cover its citizens even leaving the country to travel? 6 weeks is close to due date, she should have waited. I have two friends eho gave birth both to girls. But their husbands jobs took them to anther state 1000 miles away. The two mothers were due in 60 days and they both decided to stay until they gave birth. For two reasons, to be with the doctor who had given them care over the last 6 months and also so the insurrance would pay for the births.

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