Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable To Drone Attacks

File image shows a nuclear plant in an unspecified location in Britain.The Iranian PRESS TV reported that a newly published report warns that some 16 British nuclear power plants are prone to drone hacks.

A study conducted by leading British nuclear expert reveals that 16 operational nuclear reactors are not designed to cope with threats posed by “near-cyborg technology.”

In his report which also included possible threats against French nuclear facilities, John Large warned that unmanned aircraft can navigate barriers that are dated and belong to a “different age.”

Large highly recommended the British government to read the report, warning its findings posed real and serious concerns.

The officials in London have apparently examined Large’s evidence and forwarded the report to Britain’s Office for Nuclear Regulation, but they are yet to request a copy.

There have been growing concerns over the safety of nuclear plants across Europe following mysterious drone flights over the atomic facilities in Belgium and France.

Earlier this month, a mysterious drone was spotted flying over a nuclear plant in Belgium.

Belgian authorities confirmed the incident, without giving further detail.

The mystery appearance of the unmanned aerial vehicle over the Doel power station came after one of the reactors at the nuclear facility stopped working due to sabotage.

Some 20 unknown drones have already been spotted over nuclear facilities throughout neighboring France since last month.

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