Return On Investment For Donating To Politicians

Corporations are giving more to political campaigns than at any other point in history.  Politicians then tend to reward the companies that donate to them.

Even foreign companies benefit. What are the companies getting in return for this investment?

Ring of Fire discuss it.

Ring of Fire video.

3 thoughts on “Return On Investment For Donating To Politicians

  1. The man said at the end that getting money out of government – overturning Citizens Unite – is “almost a losing game”. With all due respect to the very smart attorneys who appear on Ring of Fire, such a statement is disappointing and fails to appreciate the real potential of the American people to get it done. Constitutional amendments have been achieved in the past, and are always possible when the situation becomes extreme enough to demand it – as is the present situation. Ring of Fire has many excellent contributors, but unfortunately has followed the model of most activist groups in being very good at going around and around in accurate descriptions of major problems, but woefully inadequate in proposing doable solutions. In other words, the focus now must be solutions-oriented.

    1. I agree – that comment didn’t do much to get people excited about getting involved. However, there were other parts of the video that were informative.

      Groups like Wolf-Pac,, and can help people get involved.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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