Uncomfortable Billy Bob Thornton ‘Interview’ On Q TV


Here is a video from 2009. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s show “Q” was visited by country-pop band The Boxmasters. The Boxmasters’s singer is Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton. The host of CBCs “Q” is a man named Jian Ghomeshi.

Mr. Thornton took offense to Q’s mention of his cinematic accomplishments. Here is what happened on camera. The performance is not included because Q has not yet resolved the rights issues to it.


Right-Wing Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Care For Movie ‘Selma’

Rush Limbaugh is getting great joy out of American Sniper outperforming Selma at the box office.

Majority Report

Ring Of Fire: Does Netanyahu Want A War With Iran?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked to speak to Congress in March.

While this normally wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary by normal political means, Netanyahu coordinated the visit with House Speaker John Boehner rather than the Obama administration in an effort to win support for sanctions against Iran – an atypical move.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss whether Netanyahu wants a war with Iran.

Majority Report / Ring of Fire

Councilors In Italy Pose As Prostitutes, Mayor ‘Busts’ Solicitors

The Lip TV

Italian councilors are posing roadside as prostitutes in an effort to entrap unsuspecting men in Castel Volturno, Italy. The stunt was orchestrated by Mayor Dimitri Russo who felt that the city’s prostitution laws weren’t being taken seriously enough and was tired of the damaging effect prostitution was having on his town. The mayor would approach the cars to talk to the unsuspecting “Johns.”

Video by The Lip TV with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

GOP Warns Iranian Nukes May Hit US Cities: Are They Serious?

A week ago, three presidential candidates talked to a roomful of wealthy donors at the Koch Brothers’ American Recovery Policy Forum in Palm Springs, California. The discussion underscored disagreement within the GOP over global affairs and national security.

Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul took part in a largely friendly, but occasionally fiery, panel at the event sponsored by Charles and David Koch.

The event was moderated by ABC’s Jonathan Karl, and marked the first time potential GOP contenders gathered on the same stage at the same time to talk about policy in 2015, a year that’s expected to see several candidates compete for the Republican nomination.

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Why Don’t Criminals Who Commit Crimes Against Black Rappers Get Caught?

Clip published on June,20th 2013 by best-selling Author Tariq Nasheed entitled “Crime & Hip Hop” from macklessonsradio.com.

Nasheed asks why criminals who commit crimes against black rappers don’t get caught.  Any truth to it?

Video by getmoneystayreal

Charges Against Rapper Tiny Doo Make No Sense


Is Rapper Brandon ‘Tiny Doo’ Duncan facing criminal charges for his rapping? And does the right to freedom of speech cover this?

‘Tiny Doo’ and his lawyer join “CNN Tonight” to discuss criminal charges stemming from the violent nature of his lyrics and music stylings. Tiny Doo is facing “gang conspiracy” charges because of his music lyrics about crimes.