Fox News Blames U.S. President For Terror Attacks In Paris, France

David Pakman

Right-Wing Fox News turns the Paris massacre into a Benghazi-like conspiracy and blames the U.S. president Obama.

2 thoughts on “Fox News Blames U.S. President For Terror Attacks In Paris, France

  1. I sure miss having Fox News on Dish Network so I know what you are talking about!!! AHHHHH! Oh, I see it is Kelly Carlson (?) I will watch to see what she says. I have to say that of the shows on Fox News that I miss most are, The Five (because I liked the different views and watching Bob Beckel lose his cool, or Juan Williams in his place), Hannity, and Red-Eye (because it was freaking funny!) Hannity, I felt like he tried to give each side a voice unless there was one talking over the other, which was always the case with that particular Imam, with the whiny voice, can’t recall his name.

    The rest I don’t miss so much. However, I did watch a debate between O’Reilly and OMGosh his name escapes me, but he’s got his own show and is a short guy. He cracked me up because he had a platform that he could raise up and down. It was hilarious! Not Colbert, the other very outspoken guy. Never really watched him much other than when he was on the O’Reilly Factor. And how O’Reilly teams up with Dennis Miller and travels the country… Dennis Miller could do it on his own and do just fine! Between Dennis Miller and Jesse Waters, that’s what keeps O’Reilly on the air, IMO. They say he’s been the #1 show for 14 yrs running… well, I really can’t say prior to my watching, but if he didn’t have these other comic relief people, no one would watch, IMO.

    Now I have to go up and watch the video! I was responding to the email! LOL

  2. I remember his name now!!! O’Reilly was debating Jon Stewart! LOL I will post it on my site as it was really funny, though Stewart really needs to expand his vocabulary because his use of foul language isn’t appropriate. On TV, they have to “bleep” out so much of his comments because of it. If he would just change the words, instead of trying to get laughs, he could score more actual points instead of jokes with a point somewhere in there. You know what I mean? I’ll go post it now! HA! How many hours did it take me to remember? I told you that I have short term memory loss issues, didn’t I?

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