Is McDonald’s over?

Is McDonald’s having trouble?

According to Yahoo!, same store sales have fallen for multiple quarters and the burger chain has been hit with a number of PR problems—mostly abroad.

Things like vinyl and a human tooth have been found in French fries and chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s in Japan, which forced the company to issue an apology and drop their chicken nugget distributor. McDonald’s Japan has seen nearly six straight years of sales declines.

Meanwhile, there is a French fry shortage at McDonald’s Venezuela and the local government is not taking it well. Venezuelan state-sponsored newspaper, Telesur, published an article with the headline, “McDonald’s joins economic war against Venezuela.” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro also tweeted negatively about the company.

In the U.S., McDonald’s has unveiled a new marketing plan to address falling sales. In order to appeal to those who want healthy, fresh food, McDonald’s will allow for an increase in local control. That means that chain owners will be allowed to give menus more regional choices.

Nationally, McDonald’s will work to simplify its menu and introduce a “Create Your Taste” initiative, which allows customers to personalize their burgers.

A redesign is also in store for the fast-food behemoth. The company unveiled new minimalist bags and changed their slogan from “I’m lovin’ it” to “Lovin’ is Greater than Hating.”

One thought on “Is McDonald’s over?

  1. Interesting post. Years ago, when I was a teen, we visited my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico. At the McDonald’s there, they all came with jalapeño peppers! We thought that was strange. Also, you could get various hot sauces for your burgers and my parents’ needed the quick version of what to eat & what not to eat for we were not familiar with the heat! So even back then there was some wiggle room for McDonald’s restaurants in various locations. I think that because they are all over the world now, it is hard to maintain the exact same model as in America… though the other countries had originally wanted it.

    Perhaps its a good idea to cater to the communities they serve. Some areas eat differently than others. Its about time to think “out of the box” to coin the phrase from Taco bell! LOL

    Thanks for sharing this!

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