Fox News’ Fake Liberal Bob Beckel Shows His True Colors

Fox News’ Bob Beckel horrified his fellow co-workers on The Five by comparing the acceptance if radical Islam to interracial dating.

Majority Report

2 thoughts on “Fox News’ Fake Liberal Bob Beckel Shows His True Colors

  1. Bob Beckel was one of the reasons I watched The Five when I had Fox News. He’s the only one who makes an idiot of himself. I would watch just to see if he’s blow a vein.

    THIS is really shameful on his part and the rest of the crew had to come to his rescue? I think they should have let him sink his own ship!

    Thanks for sharing this! I will be reblogging this, of course!

    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

  2. Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Bob Beckel is such an idiot! The Five folks should have left him to sink his own ship instead of trying to “rescue” him from himself. He needs constant supervision!

    Thanks to Ok, Fine for posting this!

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