Turkish President: Charlie Hebdo Guilty Of Provoking Muslims, Inciting Racial Hatred

The Turkish President Erdogan, continues to make waves with his public comments in the wake of the Paris terrorist atrocities last week.

Erdogan was quoted by the AFP news agency as telling a group of businessmen in Ankara that Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper whose cartoonists and writers were targeted by jihadist gunmen last week, was guilty of “wreaking terror by intervening in the freedom space of others.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the first edition of Charlie Hebdo since the killing of 12 of its staff members at its central Paris offices last week aroused anger across the Muslim world, since it depicts the Prophet Mohammed shedding a tear while holding a sign that reads, “Je suis Charlie.”

“This magazine (is) notorious for its provocative publications about Muslims, about Christians, about everyone,” Erdogan is reported to have said.

The Turkish leader said that Charlie Hebdo abused its freedom of expression in order to insult an entire religious group.

“They may be atheists,” Erdogan said of the Charlie Hebdo journalists. “If they are, they will respect what is sacred to me. If they do not, it means provocation which is punishable by laws. What they do is to incite hatred, racism.”

3 thoughts on “Turkish President: Charlie Hebdo Guilty Of Provoking Muslims, Inciting Racial Hatred

  1. I happen to agree. I see this magazine as provocative to a large number of people, causing violence to happen. I cannot see how publishing, what is blasphemous to a group in society, no matter whether it is of a religion nature, or to do with handicapped people, can be called freedom of speech, and I condemn this sort of behaviour totally. While not tolerating violence of any sort, I think it is the height of stupidity of these editors of the said magazine to allow this sort of highly provocative material to be published. Isn’t there enough violence in the world without provoking more! I found the support, yes the senseless support for this magazine highly upsetting, to see thousands of people supporting this is sad and very disturbing to me.

      1. Working towards world peace would be more constructive than those hateful cartoons, I think.

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