Joni Ernst Family Farm Took $460,000 In Subsidies

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Joni Ernst’s family farm benefited from substantial farm subsidies. Ernst’s family farm in Red Oak, Iowa received over $460,000 in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2006. Family members received conservation payments, commodity subsidies, and agricultural aid. (The District Sentinel)

More on the Joni Ernst family farm here.

8 thoughts on “Joni Ernst Family Farm Took $460,000 In Subsidies

  1. To be fair, many farmers are paid subsidies by the government… oftentimes NOT to plant, or to breed.

    And where was she during this time? Was she working the farm or was she serving in the military? I don’t know, just asking.

    I’m not for or against… just wanting to delve a little deeper. I know that farmers here in the Midwest have been paid not to plant, now they are being paid to plant GMO plants. Personally, I prefer non-GMO foods. But it will be harder and harder to find it unless you get heirloom seeds from the Patriot suppliers. Monsanto has done more damage than good, but people are willingly ignorant to it so I won’t go there.

    I may reblog this and see what kind of responses I get from “my” group! I would be interesting! I have made it clear that I no longer support the GOP, though I do admire her service to our country. At least she’s worn a uniform of which the Commander-in-Chief hasn’t nor did Clinton. I think that is an important component to being Commander-in-Chief is having walking in their shoes… even in peace time, just the experience alone enriches them.

    So, I will likely reblog. Thanks for putting this out!
    nanarhonda aka Rhonda

    1. How do I weigh in? Well, it’s clearly hypocritical for her to be against welfare or food stamps when her own family took subsidy money from the government.

      If you dig deeper, you will find that her uncle received the bulk of that money. Her father got some. I’m not sure if that is for the same farm.

      Also, it looks like her maiden name is Culver, which is why they call it the Culver farm in Red Oak, Iowa.

      1. Thanks for the intel! Very interesting… to be quite honest, there is no politician that I could stand behind on either side as they are all the same. It looks like two parties but its one party, the party of themselves. I’m so thoroughly disgusted. They (both sides) can raise millions of dollars for a vote. Why can the Fundraiser-in-Chief and Hillary Clinton who went to events that cost people from $5,000 a plate to $35,000 a plate to hear the speak, and whomever the Republicans that can raise that kind of money do that and apply it to our National debt? $18 Trillion dollars?! But they can raise millions of dollars for their party and those running in their party. It’s THOSE top 1%’ers that POTUS is proposing to tax more!

        I don’t get it. But I will not vote for another GOP save my State Rep. and my sheriff. The rest don’t deserve my vote, my loyalty, or my support. Congressman Paul Ryan is to thank for that. And I scoff at Gov. Walker wanting to run in 2016… you should see my blog on that! LOL

        If what you say is true, she is clearly hypocritical, which isn’t surprising since that is a requirement to becoming a politician in the first place! LOL

  2. I just heard that whomever responds, it is a speech that is already written and several Republicans had turned down the offer to respond. She accepted. I am not surprised that everything is so orchestrated. Like I said, it is a well-oiled political machine. Somehow it needs to be completely redone from the bottom up, including the branches as well, i.e. the FBI, IRS, CIA, et al.

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