Saudi King Abdullah

Majority Report gives their take on some of the things King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia did and how the media has talked about this wonderful man after his death.

According to The Middle East Eye:

“…the late king has been recently condemned for a raft of human rights abuses including a spike in state implemented beheadings.

“At least 15 people have been executed in the kingdom in 2015 – including a woman publicly beheaded in Mecca who was convicted of murder. The recent flogging of jailed liberal blogger Raif Badawi has caused international uproar and Saudi Arabia remains the only country where women are barred from driving.”

Majority Report


2 thoughts on “Saudi King Abdullah

  1. Saudi was formed in 1932 and god rest his soul ruled from 2005 until jan 2015 this is what he done to his people:-
    1932-2005 there was only 7 universities in his 9 years he added 28 universities
    1932-2005 there was only 13000 schools he added 17000 in 9 years
    1932-2005 social aids was 1 billion in his 9 years it reached 14 billions
    1932-2005 government social loans 400 millions in his 9 years it jumped to 17 billions
    salaries increased welfare added widows and single mothers were banned from social aids if they had a son that had an income in his time there were added .
    may god accept him and rest his soul

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