Is The Illuminati A Bunch Of B.S.?

The answer to that is not clear.

However, The Lip TV’s Sean Stone spoke with a purported expert on the topic.

Fritz Springmeier is best known for self-published books exposing the Illuminati secret society.

Since 1990, he has been exposing the New World Order through books, articles, public talks and radio interviews.

Springmeier explains the origins of the secret society – from its mysterious genealogical lineage outlining the top families involved to the secret rituals undertaken by participants.  He also looks at the state of the Illuminati in today’s modern world and its impact on pop culture and major celebrities.

The Lip TV

5 thoughts on “Is The Illuminati A Bunch Of B.S.?

  1. Once I started really researching into the reality of such an “organization”, I was absolutely blown away by how much validating evidence there really is to support the fact that, no, the Illuminati is anything but “a bunch of B.S.”, although I admit it would definitely be a much nicer world if it was….

      1. Elaborate? You mean on the existence of the “illuminati”..? That’s a topic that never seems to find a bottom. 🙂 I’m not saying Springmeier is a bad source or anything, but there is so much you can find that goes beyond and before him. (apparently the bulk of his info came from a single source with unresolved DID, but anyhow) For me it basically started with 911. No way could such claims about “building 7” coming down like a controlled demolition be real. Nonsense, I thought. And then the footage? Well, clearly that’s some other building being videotaped, and it’s just wackos on youtube claiming it happened on 9/11… and then, yeah, keep following the evidence, you keep going further down the “rabbit hole”. Once you can no longer deny that 9/11 was without question done by factions within our own military/industrial complex, then you really start asking, “Who? How? WHY?” And then it gets weirder than you thought possible. Bohemian Grove? Yes, that’s real… CFR? Trilateral Commission? Skull and Bones? Bilderberg? It’s all out there, “hiding in plain sight”. The Central Banking Cabal…. It’s no “secret” conspiracy, since the way that the bankers conspired together to put together the Federal Reserve Act on Jeckyll Island in 1913 has been fully admitted, by one of them! Who are these “Rothschilds” anyway, and how did they come to establish a fiat currency system which now envelops almost every nation on the planet save a few?

        Why is the “War on Terror” following suspiciously along the same agenda as was proposed in military intelligence documents way before 9/11 happened…?

        Why did 9/11 happen exactly 11 years to the day after George H.W.’s famous “New World Order speech”?

        What happened to the missing trillions of dollars in the pentagon budget, as conveniently announced by Rumsfeld on Sept 10? (and even more conveniently, the budget offices containing all records of said missing funds were right in the middle of the side of the Pentagon hit by a, well, hit by something….)

        How ARE we supposed to believe that one of the hijacker’s passports miraculously survived the impact and subsequent fireball as the plane hit the tower, creating tempertures claimed to be “hot enough to melt steel”, and then floated gracefully down to the sidewalk where the FBI conventiently was happening to walk by….?

        Why did they allegedly dump Bin Laden’s body in the ocean, in the middle of the night, leaving no evidence that it was even him, if he was really the most wanted terrorist in the entire world? (and what happened to “Seal Team 6” shortly thereafter…?)

        Why are the “ISIS beheading videos” clearly fake? Why are they driving trucks coming from the US? (one of which was even photographed bearing the signage of the plumbing company who sold it to an auto auction house…)

        The weirdness abounds, the lies never cease, and the grand sum of it all really does continue to add up towards a very clear and coherent agenda at the end of the day.

        I could go on. and on. and on. (but that’s probably enough for now!)

      2. I generally disagree with some of those, but there is one that I agree with and have some interest in – the 9/11 theories. “Loose Change” had me “hooked,” so to speak. There are just too many problems – for example, no other skyscrapers have ever completely collapsed due to fire. Those were the only ones…. Why?

        And your right, why did the 3rd building fall? It made no sense…. And besides, it kind of looks like a demolition when you watch the footage….

        But I “choose” the conspiracies I believe in. There’s got to be decent evidence and I need a gut feeling about it….

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