Do People Get Arrested For “Marijuana Possession?”

MSNBC / HenryBloggit

According to MSNBC, people can and do get arrested for marijuana possession.

In this clip, Chris Hayes looks at a video of Bill O’Reilly claiming that no one gets arrested for possession of marijuana.

4 thoughts on “Do People Get Arrested For “Marijuana Possession?”

  1. In some states it depends on how much you have on you as to whether you get arrested or get a ticket. If you get arrested, you’ve broken the law. Why should people feel sorry for you for breaking the law? There are drug groups just like there are alcohol groups and if the person participated in one of the drug groups, they may have had the same “excuse me” on their record as if they had gone to alcohol counseling. If you broke the law by stealing something or breaking into someone’s house and got away with time served, it would still be on your record and would still prevent people from wanting to hire you. The point is, don’t do stupid stuff when you’re “young” (25 yrs. old really isn’t considered that young) and you won’t have a record that follows you. Your school record follows you as well. Why these “kids” think that their ‘criminal record’ isn’t going to follow them is beyond me. I do think that it should be equal. No matter what color your skin is, if you’re breaking the law, you should pay for it, period. I told my kids, that they had better call me to let me know where they where and not to expect me to bail their butts out. If they can do the crime, they can do the time. Guess what? Neither of them did any crime. I also told them that they were responsible for their school record, not me; and that it will follow them for the rest of their life. Both of them graduated high school, my son went into the Army and my daughter got married as she was pregnant. My whole point in all of this is… each one is responsible for their own actions and they need to realize that those actions will follow them the rest of their lives.

    1. Hi, nanarhonda, welcome back. Just remember, no one is perfect.

      The economy is not like it was in the 60’s, either, and it hasn’t been for a very long time. People need good opportunities and good jobs available and access to health care and education.

      1. I agree with you 100%! And thanks for the welcome back!

        I know that no one is perfect. We have to remember this when we look to the people that are supposed to represent us in Washington too, I guess. It is harder to with them.

        By the way, I didn’t raise my kids in the 60’s… I raised mine in the 80’s.

        I am fed up with both parties and will not vote GOP any longer. Did you see the letter I received from Congressman Paul Ryan? He is the reason I will not vote GOP again. I asked 2 questions…. why did you vote to pass a budget bill with out having read it, having it full of pork and giving POTUS all that he wanted?

        The second question was why did he vote for Boehner for Speaker for a third term? This was after calling all day Monday and leaving a message on his phone Monday evening and Tuesday morning. I watched C-Spann on my laptop to see how he would vote and I had to wait until the last nor the next to the last one. He is my Congressman and Gov. Walker is my Governor. Not very proud to say that… but they are facts. There are only 2 GOP people that deserve my vote right now and that is the sheriff and our State Rep.

        Take a look and see how he spoke in circles. I posted the letter as I promised I would. Feel free to reblog it! He will be traveling around, fundraising for Walker’s campaign. It truly sickens me when I see how he is moving to the forefront as he goes about… the TV interviews are giving him free advertising. I don’t feel that he would make a good president but my opinion doesn’t matter.

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