Interview With Jimmy Carter On Israel

Video by MSNBC Hardball / Boycott Censorship

Here is an older video of former president Jimmy Carter talking about the situation in Israel. Video from 2009 (?).  It is the view of this website that Carter seemed accurate.  He says the situation in Palestine is akin to apartheid.

3 thoughts on “Interview With Jimmy Carter On Israel

  1. And the pro-Israel crowd would call him an anti-Semite and Israel-hater. The Palestinian-Israel issue is a perfect example of how impossible it is to have a reasoned discussion these days.

    1. Things have just sort of moved on a bit in the past decades. The Israelis can’t just do everything they want and still play the World War II victim…know what I mean? It’s more complicated than that…

      1. I actually think it’s worse in some ways now than it was. I mean, we have Israel announcing more settlements while the American VP is visiting the country and we now have the Israel leader speaking to Congress and actively, vocally, and publicly inserting himself into a debate about American foreign policy.

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