Jesse Ventura On Chris Kyle: ‘Do You Think The Nazis Have Heroes?’

Former pro wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura continues his Shock and Awe attack on deceased “American Sniper” Chris Kyle.  On Fox News radio, he said it does not mean much to describe Kyle as a “hero” because the Nazis had heroes too.

“A hero should have honor,” Ventura told radio host Alan Colmes in an interview. “A hero is not how many people you’ve killed.”  Ventura said that Kyle is “obviously a great sniper” and “a great shot. He obviously did his job correctly.”

Then, Ventura asked Colmes: “Do you think the Nazis have heroes?”

Colmes replied that “the Nazis were fighting for a cause we can’t condone.”

Ventura responded by asking Colmes: “If a Nazi soldier killed a hundred people that had lived” in a Nazi-occupied country in World War II, would that soldier “be classified a hero in Germany?”

Colmes asked if Ventura was “comparing what the Nazi mission was versus what our mission is in war as a country.”

“Well, what I’m stating is we invaded Iraq, we were not asked in,” Ventura replied. “We invaded a country, we overthrew its government, and then we killed people that lived there.”

“Are we analogous to the Nazis?” Colmes asked.

“Well, and the Communists, yeah,” Ventura replied.

Ventura states he was a Navy SEAL.  He was part of the Navy’s UDT, or Underwater Demolition Team, which later merged with the SEALs in the 1980s.

Last year, Ventura won $1.8 million in a defamation lawsuit against Kyle’s estate.

He sued for defamation, alleging that Kyle – the hero of the movie “American Sniper” – falsely claimed in part of his book to have punched out a man, later identified as Ventura, in a California bar in 2006 after Ventura allegedly said the SEALs “deserve to lose a few” in Iraq.

Ventura said last week that he will not see the film, in part because he does not regard Kyle as a hero.  “A hero must be honorable, must have honor. And you can’t have honor if you’re a liar. There is no honor in lying,” Ventura said.

Ventura also dismissed the movie as propaganda because it conveys the false idea that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11 attacks. “It’s as authentic as ‘Dirty Harry,'” he said — a reference to the fictional movie series starring the director of American Sniper, Clint Eastwood.


3 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura On Chris Kyle: ‘Do You Think The Nazis Have Heroes?’

  1. Reblogged this on KingMidget's Ramblings and commented:
    I’m starting to like Jesse Venture more and more these days. 🙂
    Actually, here’s what bothers me. Chris Kyle and Brian Williams provide a great example of the distortions that exist in our society. Chris Kyle is held up as a “hero” and many people think our discussion of him should stop there. As Ventura accurately points out, being a hero should require more than a combat tally of how many people he killed. I have frequently said that I have no more heroes, well except for MLK, because I have learned that everybody, even people typically described as heroes, have human flaws just like the rest of us.
    Then we have Brian Williams who has recently admitted that he may have embellished a story of being under fire while reporting a story at the beginning of the Iraq War. He is being absolutely pilloried by segments of American society. I get that part of the problem is that his job relies on him having credibility and integrity, but I find it fascinating that a lot of the criticism is that he has somehow sullied our beloved troops by embellishing his story even though anybody who listens to him can tell that he has the utmost respect for the military. What galls me about this is that those who attack his embellishment as harming the military apparently fail to recognize that the military frequently engages in their own embellishments and lies to buff themselves up. The reports written to justify medals and honors for soldiers frequently include a bit of puffery. Soldiers, just like fishermen who tell fish stories, tell combat tales that end up being a distorted reality. So, yeah, Brian Williams embellished a bit, but it wasn’t egregious. And Chris Kyle killed a lot of people in a country we invaded and had some major issues in his personal life both before and after. Pick your heroes, but think about it before you worship them.

    1. Yes, I generally agree. And what is perfect?

      I think the men and women who are veterans need to be respected, but the country should not be so eager to jump into war and point fingers and blame Muslims for everything, etc.

      There’s a “balance” in there somewhere….

      1. That’s the biggest problem I have with the whole Kyle narrative. We invaded Iraq and people like him and his worshipper a blame the Iraqis for fighting back.

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