Does Fox News Just Repeat Republican Talking Points?

A Fox News report reportedly came straight from a Republican National Committee (RNC) memo announcing its “Hillary’s Hiding” campaign. That campaign, launched two days before the Fox & Friends segment, purports to “keep asking, ‘Where’s Hillary?'” and focuses on the number of days since Clinton’s last press conference and interview. At no point did Fox News anchor Elizabeth Hasselbeck credit the RNC for the concept that framed her segment.

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4 thoughts on “Does Fox News Just Repeat Republican Talking Points?

  1. I’m no fan of Hillary and would prefer that she not run in 2016, but here’s a novel idea … it’s somewhat refreshing that with the primaries not starting for another year, she is keeping a low profile instead of wearing us down with her presence.

      1. Biden is too old. I haven’t heard a thing about Martin O’Malley. I know people have been talking about Warren for the last couple of years, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to run and I just don’t know a ton about her. I’d actually vote for Jim Webb over Hillary.

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