UFO Sighting In Jackhead, Manitoba Denied

Posts like these were circulating on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday night, with people suggesting there was a UFO crash near Jackhead, Man. It was actually an airplane being used in a military training exercise, according to the Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Forces state that social media reports of a possible UFO sighting on February 18th near Jackhead, Manitoba, are not true, according to CBC Broadcasting.  They attributed the bright light people saw to an airplane from a training exercise.

On Wednesday night, several people on Twitter and Facebook reportedly wrote that they saw a bright light in the sky, which fueled speculation that it may have been an unidentified flying object.

Photos were posted of Canadian Forces vehicles in the area, with some people claiming the military was there to contain a UFO crash site.

Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, commanding officer Canadian 38 Territorial Battalion Group, which is involved in an Arctic Response Company Group training exercise on Lake Winnipeg this week, says that it was not a UFO at all.

“I have the commander of that air force contingent sitting right beside me and, you know, he assures us that that was not a UFO, but that was him.”

The bright light that people saw, he explained, came from an airplane that takes off very quickly.

“From a distance it may have looked like it was going straight up in the air, but it wasn’t,” he said. “It was just us out there playing our games.”


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