Limbaugh Says Republicans ‘Are Caving’

rush-limbaugh-793679Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed the idea that Republicans “are caving.”

He was referring to a article titled, “McConnell Caves, But Reid Wants Full Surrender From Boehner As Well” when he discussed his views.


“The Republicans are caving on amnesty.  They’re caving on the whole Department of Homeland Security thing, which is a separate thing from amnesty in part, and they’re all ready to cave on net neutrality.  They’re caving on everything.  The excuse that we’re given is, in an indirect way, ‘Well, this is what the donors want.” And to a certain extent that’s true, but come on.  Is the donor class of the Republican Party actually attempting to achieve the erasure of the Republican Party?

“Am I being a bit too extreme here, Mr. Snerdley?  It just doesn’t appear that we have any opposition to the Democrat Party in Washington.  We got plenty opposition to the Democrat Party out in the states, and among some of our presidential contenders, but even some of those, you ask yourself, why are they running as Republicans?  I don’t have to name names.  Everybody knows who I’m talking about.  So let’s just get to this.”

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh Says Republicans ‘Are Caving’

  1. Limbaugh, no longer makes news, Rush is but tribal. He knows CPAC will drive the “news” this weekend, so he needs to attack the “right” from the right, so that on Monday of next week he can claim he still leads the hardcore. He don’t.

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