British Paper: ‘With Climate Change, US Presidents Matter’

The British paper The Guardian recently “admitted” that the U.S. president can have an impact on climate change.  It is fashionable for the European press to claim that the president or political party doesn’t affect political outcomes.

“Yesterday, President Barack Obama became the first president who has taken a stand to stop climate change,” according to The Guardian.

Here are some quotes from The Guardian:

“…President Obama took that stand from his first step into the White House. He has put into place a series of initiatives that actually give us a chance at stopping the most serious consequences of climate change.”

Members of the environmental groups Sierra Club,, and Committed Citizens demonstrate in front of the White House against the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline in Washington DC, USA, 13 February 2013.

As outlined in his Climate Action Plan, his administration has overseen investments in renewable energy industries in the U.S. that are creating jobs.

“He has worked on international agreements to reduce hydrofluorocarbons and methane emissions…”

“Even more significantly, he has overseen the plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s new and existing coal plants; the EPA’s Clean Power Plan rewards state-level initiatives to find flexible solutions to reduce their emissions.”

“He has enacted increases in fuel-efficiency standards…”

“And also significantly, the President has achieved a huge agreement with China to curb and reduce carbon pollution,” according to The Guardian.


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