O’Reilly Was Shamed By Al Franken For Untruth In 2003

Majority Report

Majority Report looks at the time Al Franken took on Bill O’Reilly by publicly calling him out for telling a lie about the journalism award he received for the show Inside Edition.

In a C-SPAN speaking engagement, O’Reilly said the show had won two prestigious Peabody awards.  However, the show won the Polk award – after O’Reilly left the show.


7 thoughts on “O’Reilly Was Shamed By Al Franken For Untruth In 2003

  1. I can’t stand Al Franken… but I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly either! LOL I think O’Reilly is arrogant and rude and needs to be humbled. I have only 3 shows on Fox that I like, Out Numbered, The Five, and Hannity. Sometimes I am subjected to O’Reilly and he is always arrogant and rude to his “guests” but I dislike Al Franken more. I never liked him. And now he’s a politician for Minnesota? Just like Jesse “The Body” Ventura? What’s up with the people of Minnesota? Yikes! Well, Wisconsin isn’t much better, however, we haven’t had former WWE Wrestlers or Comedians represent us… the are just jokers. I am ashamed that I voted for some of them repeatedly, but not anymore! As Gov. Scott Walker makes an a$$ of himself, just as I predicted he would, he will be moved out, and he will have lost his governorship as well! Ha! And Congressman Paul Ryan… I have it in for him. If you see my blog… I am after him like a pit bull… he has some answering to do, directly to me, not by his staffers. I voted for him, not his staffers. I expect him to take the time to speak to me himself. I don’t trust that his letters are written by him because they aren’t. But he needs to know that HE is the reason I will never vote GOP again!

    At any rate, I guess I’ve gone to ranting and I apologize for that. I do enjoy your blog. I am trying to catch up on my 11,153 emails that I have in 4 email addresses! I also have to respond to the hackers that are trying to use my contact form on my ministry site. Ha! They got away with it once but not anymore! And I translate their message, and I respond back in their language! LOL

    Ok… I think I’m done now! Gonna watch the video now! ROFLOL

      1. Yeah, I know. But I’m very upset and I helped to put him in office so he should answer his constituents instead of his “staffers”… just because he’s now the 4th most powerful man in DC doesn’t mean he still can’t be voted out!

      2. Believe it or not, this is actually a blue State. They are starting to call it purple but it was largely blue because of all the industry that was once here, therefore the unions. Industry has been driven out, therefore, most unions are gone as well. However, some of them are gone because of their own greed. (Unions I mean.)

  2. Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    LOL Ok, so I can share this one because the Majority Report doesn’t use foul language this time! Al Franken (whom I have never liked) and Bill O’Reilly (whom I find to be extremely arrogant and rude) are on here, where Franken is calling O’Reilly out on something that wasn’t true at all.
    Thank you to reasonablyliberal for sharing this!

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