7 thoughts on “Russell Brand Looks At The Politics Of The Oscars

  1. I’m sorry but this man is an idiot. I listened to the whole video, again. He still makes no serious, valid points. He just wants to be another voice in the wind. So he is.

      1. I know… we’ve had this discussion before. I tried, really I did. But I cannot get him “a all” LOL

        Truly, the Oscars were apolitical. They were meant simply to honor the movies, directors, actors, et al… but today, Hollywood uses it and every other chance they get to espouse their political views. God forbid that there is a Conservative in Hollywood, they have a hard time finding work! Some of these actors are only repeating what they have heard! I’m still waiting for Alec Baldwin to move to France after Bush was elected the second time! I believe there were several actors that made that ‘vow’ and then when he won, they claimed they never said that. So I guess we can’t expect anyone anywhere to tell the truth? So sad… I don’t know how old you are, but there once was a time when it was expected that reporters were held to a high standard, politicians were expected to keep their word, Hollywood simply made movies and when an actor stopped, i.e. Reagan, he felt moved into politics he did so. There have been many since him as well. Arnold I won’t even butcher his last name “Its not a tumor”, and now a comedian in Minnesota, a former WWE wrestler who had the audacity to sit in a bar full of Navy SEALS (of which he was a precursor to the SEALS) and make the comment that “We could afford to lose a few SEALS.” I have to wonder how many drinks it took him to have to gonads to say that in a bar full of SEALS. And all he got was shoved. He was not named in the book. He sued Chris Kyle because someone called into a radio show (I believe it was Glenn Beck) and asked if it was Jesse Ventura and he affirmed it. THAT’S what Ventura was waiting for. I cannot believe he WON that lawsuit. It was faulty on its merits. And for him to continue on posthumously is even lower than slime. I blogged about it. He looks like some heroine addict. Sickening. I wonder if he thought there would be a mat behind him when he got shoved in the bar like all the times in the WWE. What a freakin’ whiner. And to take from the estate of the widow and her children? Makes him even lower than scum.

        Sorry… ranting! Just realized it! LOL

      2. Yes, the UDT was the precursor to the SEALS. If you look up Ventura, he’s listed as a SEAL. I just think he was his plain old stupid loud mouth jackass self and it bought him trouble as always. He was looking for someone to do something so he could sue as he’s outta cash. That’s how I see it. And he got it. 1.? Million maybe he can afford a haircut now.

      3. Yes, you are correct. But like I said, if you go to the Navy website and look up Jesse Ventura, it lists him as a SEAL. Which is interesting, because he did not have that name then. He chose that name during his WWE wrestling career. He chose it off the map.

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