What Is ‘Net Neutrality?’

Last week the US Federal Communications formally adopted stricter “net neutrality” rules that essentially will regulate the internet in the country like a public utility, according to Quartz.

Of course, this ruling could (and probably will) be challenged in the courts by the big broadband companies. But many internet advocates and stock investors are already shifting their focus to looming consolidation in America’s communications markets that could change the way Americans access the internet and consume video.

At least two major corporate transactions that had been in limbo while the net neutrality vote was up in the air, will now need FCC approval. So, “net neutrality” would keep the large corporations from consolidating control of the internet.

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7 thoughts on “What Is ‘Net Neutrality?’

  1. Ok, so now I’m confused and will have to do some more digging. I did not want the FCC to get their grubby little hands on the Internet at all. Leave it alone. But the got their hands on it for now. This means that the smaller providers will be slowed down by those they get their broadband from and that will increase prices across the board. So that means that my ministry site will cost me more than I can afford if this happens. I can barely afford it now and I really don’t want to have to move it again! 😦
    I need to do some more digging I guess. Thanks for posting this. Now I won’t be able to sleep! LOL (Yes I will, I take meds for it! LOL)

    1. Nanarhonda, you need to cut through the propaganda. Ted Cruz and the Republicans want to give Comcast and the big companies more ability to charge you and slow down and speed up downloads and uploads. Classifying the internet as a utility (under the FCC) will help protect it from the big ISPs…

      1. So how we have it now is bad? I prefer to have the government out of as much as possible. I don’t give a rat’s tail about Ted Cruz. I just find that every time the government gets involved in something, it is usually for THEIR gain, and we lose. Am I wrong?

      2. I would say you’re wrong (to make a long story short). Cruz and others want Comcast and the other big ISPs to be able to manipulate internet speeds more and the charges more.

        “Net Neutrality” is keeping things the way they are.

      3. If that’s the case, then I would support it. I don;t give a rat’s tail about Ted Cruz. I just don’t like it when the government gets involved more and more. Its been fine like it is now, why do we need to change it? That is my question. If it really to protect us, then I would agree. Lobotero is trying to explain it as well. Thank you so much for your patience, again. I really appreciate it. I am personally one that would like less government intrusion in my life in any way, shape, or form… and yet, I just posted that I was happy about Gov. Walker eliminating the 48 hr wait for handguns. At least it levels the playing field. I have a sign on my door that says Oxygen in Use. I would like to have a svn that says this is not a gun-free zone!

      4. I got one that says “Never mind the dog, beware of owner” with a gun picture.

        Look at many sources about Net Neutrality.

        But from what I understand on it, the big ISPs are not the “good guys” in this case, and they would gladly slow the download or upload speeds of your blog unless you pay more money.

      5. Here’s an article:


        It says that last year, FCC’s Tom Wheeler originally had a plan to let the big companies change up- and download speeds and charge more or less because of it.

        People protested, and he got rid of the idea.

        Now they want to keep things more or less the way they are and protect people from this “net manipulation.”

        Keeping it the same is considered “Net Neutrality.”

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