Mother Jones Releases O’Reilly’s CBS Falklands Tape

Fox News and its host Bill O’Reilly have continued insisting that “everything” O’Reilly has claimed about his journalistic track record has been accurate.

For years, O’Reilly has said that he reported from the “war zone” “in the Falklands” during the 10-week war between Britain and Argentina in 1982.

However, the war zone was on the Falkland Islands, whereas O’Reilly was in the capital Buenos Aires.

“O’Reilly, like other American correspondents in Argentina who covered that war, was in Buenos Aires, 1,200 miles from the area of combat. He had arrived there three days before the Argentine military junta surrendered,” according to Mother Jones.

To justify his claim that he was in a “war zone” and a “combat situation” in Argentina, O’Reilly has pointed to his coverage of a violent protest in Buenos Aires that erupted after Argentina surrendered.

He claimed that Argentine troops fired “live ammunition” into the crowd, mowing down demonstrators, and killing “many.” He also has claimed that during the protest a soldier pointed an M-16 at him, and that he heroically rescued his cameraman as O’Reilly and his crew were being followed by soldiers.

Mother Jones obtained the CBS News report O’Reilly filed at the end of the Falklands war (Video below). It makes no reference to soldiers “gunning down” Argentine civilians with “real bullets,” or Argentine deaths,  but rather mentions standard crowd control like teargas.

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