Who Is Responsible for Saving World Heritage Treasures? – utalk


Euronews’ Utalk looks at the topic of protecting world heritage sites.

The question comes from Raja in Brussels: “Who is responsible for protecting World Heritage sites? In cases of conflict what can the international community do?”

The response is from Mechtild Rossler of Unesco’s Heritage Division: “The key responsibility of a site which is listed on the World Heritage list lies with the state that has ratified this convention. The problem comes when you are in a conflict zone where the state party may lose control over the area and the international community has to come in, in these circumstances.

“You may remember in the early 1990’s we saw the destruction in Dubrovnik,” said Rossler.  “Unesco immediately intervened. Those architects saved the roofs and Dubrovnik is today again today a jewel in Croatia.”

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