CNN: Ted Cruz To Join Obamacare

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Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was reportedly on his wife’s health insurance in the past.  However, his wife will take a leave of absence from her job to help Cruz on the campaign trail. Where will they get their health insurance?

Irony of ironies…Ted Cruz is known for opposing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) health insurance law.

5 thoughts on “CNN: Ted Cruz To Join Obamacare

  1. It is truly a beautiful and classic moment. I’m trying to figure out how this might work out for him and can’t consider any possibility that it does. How do you spend your political career the last few years trying to destroy Obamacare and then the very week you announce your candidacy for the Presidency sign up for the very thing you have sought to destroy because … wait for it, it’s a good deal? And retain any credibility? I’m gobsmacked by this and don’t understand how his campaign lasts longer than the end of this month. That said, he’ll probably end up as our next President because that’s just how stupid people seem to be.

    1. The thing is…the right just has this conservative base that will be right-wing followers no matter what.

      Probably 30% of the American people. They will always believe Fox News, Jeb Bush, Tucker Carleson, and Ted Cruz no matter what happens…

      (corrected spelling for Carleson)

      1. Yes. 30% of the American population is right-wing no matter what. Just like 30% is left-wing no matter what. As liberal as I am, I’m almost as troubled by the latter group as I am by the former. I don’t like lockstep no matter who or what. I have always said that all elections are determined by the 30-40% in the mushy middle. The sad thing really is that the 30% that is always in the right-wing has taken complete control over the Republican Party, providing the mushy middle and those of us on the open-minded left any credible alternatives.

      2. Absolutely.

        However, to a person who has lived in two other countries, it opens your eyes.

        I lived in Germany where the death penalty has been outlawed for decades, and everyone has health insurance.

        The U.S. is simply too far to the right. Americans just accept things like a high homeless rate, etc. that Europeans just would never accept. I don’t know how it happened, really.

      3. “Freedom” and the refusal to accept any responsibility for our community and others. The idea that if we just succeed for ourselves that’s all that should be expected. That we are all out for ourselves rather than being a part of a community.

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