Do Some Right-Wingers Want To Bomb Iran?

Majority Report

Iran is fighting against ISIS in the Middle East, and backing Shia militias to help in the fight against ISIS.  Does this make Iran our ally?

That doesn’t matter to Louie Gohmert, who on Fox News said again that he would like to bomb Iran.

4 thoughts on “Do Some Right-Wingers Want To Bomb Iran?

  1. I just continue to be gobsmacked that people like this continue to be invited to speak on the various network news channels — even Fox. Really, McCain should have been retired years ago as somebody who gets to speak. Palin. Gohmert. So many of them. They speak as though they are knowledgeable about things they know absolutely nothing about.

    1. That’s what Fox is about!

      People like Bill O’Reilly think nothing of influencing the country into another war…

      Something like 200,000 Iraqis killed in the last one…torture, too…

      Then the right wing gets upset when they don’t greet us as liberators….must be THEIR fault…so bomb ’em!

      It is the job of the “left” to call Fox News out on it.

      1. I feel it important to point this stuff out – especially about war. Thousands can get killed.

        These wars can – and have – tarnished the U.S. reputation. Go to France or Germany, even Britain.

        We are no longer the “heroes,” but now picking a fight with small countries in the middle East that didn’t attack us…

        Oh, yeah, and they just happen to have oil as well…

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