Argentina Issues Warrant For Arrest Of Justin Bieber

Argentina thinks Justin Bieber should be in jail.

An Argentine judge ordered the arrest of pop star Justin Bieber if he sets foot in the country after the singer failed to face questions about an alleged assault at a Buenos Aires nightclub in 2013, a court secretary said on Friday.

Local photographer Diego Pesoa accused Bieber and one of his bodyguards of lashing out at him when he tried to take a picture of the star as he left the club in the capital’s trendy Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, states Reuters.

The Argentine judge issued a warrant calling for Bieber to immediately be placed in detention.

The 2013 incident happened near a Buenos Aires nightclub, where the local photographer says Bieber sent his bodyguards to assault him after he tried to take a picture.

Bieber has since refused to report for questioning on the allegations, states the website

According to Gawker: “Canadian by birth but a true cosmopolitan of misconduct, Bieber is accused of ordering his bodyguards to beat a photographer outside a Buenos Aires nightclub in 2013. Since then, Bieber has failed to return to the country for questioning, resulting in yesterday’s request for ‘immediate detention.'”

Ariel Hijitus

(Updated article)

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