British Sailors Accused Of Sexual Assault In Canada

Four sailors in the British Navy have been charged with sexual assault during a visit to Nova Scotia, Canada.

“This is a disturbing accusation of sexual assault,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Bolduc, Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service in a prepared statement on Friday, according to the Toronto Star.

“Craig Stoner, Darren Smalley, Joshua Finbow and Simon Radford were each charged with one count of sexual assault under the Canadian Criminal Code,” states

“The alleged victim is a young woman and a civilian. Her name is protected by a publication ban,” according to

“I’m pleased with the full co-operation provided by the British authorities to support the hard work and diligence of the CFNIS team in responding to this matter,” Bolduc said, according to the Toronto Star.

The charges reportedly stem from an alleged attack on a civilian woman at a party after a hockey game.



(Updated article)

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