Odd Creature Found In China

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A video was posted last week to YouTube of an unidentified creature that was caught in China.

In the video – uploaded by YouTube user Raymond Yeung – the “alien-like” being is seen trying to break its way out of a steel cage using its teeth. Since its release, the video has been stirring up some major debate, in China especially, over the creature’s identity.

The video’s caption states that it was captured in the Shenzhen Reservoir in China’s Sand Bay.  Reports say that the Department of Drainage removed it from the water before trapping it in the cage.

Some say it is a “water monster” from Chinese folklore.

David Neal, director of Animals Asia, gave a new perspective.  “It looks like a bear cub which is suffering from some medical condition which has caused it to lose all of its fur,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

Internet users have also said the animal is a Malaysian sun bear which is suffering from alopecia, a disease which causes baldness, states dailymail.co.uk.



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