TYT Network: Discussion Of Freddie Gray

The Young Turks

The Guardian on the beating of Freddy Gray by Baltimore Police:

“City authorities are running a criminal inquiry into his death and the US Department of Justice is investigating for potential civil rights charges. The six officers involved in Gray’s arrest have been suspended.


“Video of Gray’s arrest, which showed him being dragged into the police van by officers, has been cited by protesters as reason to doubt police claims that Gray was healthy when first placed in the van. While he was shouting in apparent pain and moving his head, one of his legs appeared limp. The video did not show his initial treatment by police.

“In a cryptic section of his remarks on Friday, (police commissioner Anthony) Batts suggested investigators were concentrating on a specific event that occurred between Gray’s arrest and his collection by an ambulance at the western district police headquarters about 40 minutes later.”

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