Vintage Video: Marsha Blackburn Vs. Bill Nye

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In the U.S., climate change is still being debated among many.  Above is a vintage video from 2014 of Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and Bill Nye debating climate change on NBC’s Meet The Press.

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Jeb Bush Supports Science Funding For Alzheimer’s

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According to The New York Times, former Governor Jeb Bush talked about his mother-in-law’s affliction with Alzheimer’s disease last week.  He also shed some light on what he thinks should be done to fight the illness.

“In an email exchange with Maria Shriver, the journalist, activist and author, Mr. Bush wrote that he has been getting a lot of feedback since revealing that his family has firsthand experience with the disease,” writes The Times.

Mr. Bush called for more research funding and a faster drug approval process to fight Alzheimer’s, which the CDC says afflicts some 5 million Americans, according to The NYT.  “We need to increase funding to find a cure,” Mr. Bush said.

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Martin O’Malley Phoned Hillary Clinton Ahead of His Presidential Launch

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Barely 24 hours before launching his campaign to challenge Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley phoned the Democratic presidential front-runner to personally inform her of his plans.

The call between the two Democratic rivals was brief and cordial, and came on the same day that O’Malley filed his candidacy papers with the Federal Election Commission, according to two sources familiar with the conversation.

O’Malley, the two-term governor of Maryland who left office in January, is launching his presidential campaign Saturday morning in Baltimore, the city where he spent seven years as mayor.

Clinton and O’Malley have a complicated relationship as fellow Democratic party notables. O’Malley was one of the first Democratic governors to endorse Clinton’s candidacy for president in the 2008 election, and was a major fundraiser for the then-Senator. Last year, former president Bill Clinton strongly praised O’Malley’s time as governor.

But as he has prepared to run…

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The Real Face of the Tories: Priti Patel

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The wonderful Priti Patel, now the employment minister, was in her past life part of a team of spin doctors paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to help a tobacco giant counter negative publicity, including that surrounding its joint venture with one of the world’s most brutal military regimes.

Documents unearthed by the Observer shine new light on Patel’s work for Shandwick, a lobbying and PR firm that worked for British American Tobacco (BAT) in the early years of this century.

The documents, released by BAT following a legal action, show that Patel was one of seven employees used by Shandwick on the account. One of her jobs was to lobby MEPs against the introduction of the EU tobacco control directive, which was introduced shortly after the new millennium. She was charged with ensuring that a letter from the BAT chairman at the time…

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Bernie Sanders Discusses Free College Education

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High School is free. Could college also be free? Is college free in some European countries? How would you pay for it?

Recently, Vermont Senator and presidential contender Bernie Sanders talked to CNN about free, universal college education and how he would fund it.

What is the Wall Street Sales Tax?

According to

“…Wall Street speculators pay no tax on their share of a yearly turnover of over $5 quadrillion (5,000 trillion dollars) in stocks, bonds and derivatives.  A 1% tax on this turnover, equally divided between the federal and state governments, largely solves the budget deficit at all levels of government.  It also discourages the most dangerous forms of speculation, especially derivatives speculation, and helps to level the playing field between financial services – which are now in effect subsidized because they are not taxed – and the tangible, physical production of manufactured goods on which our economic survival depends.”

In the video, they say the word “troglodytic.”  What does troglodytic mean?

Troglodytic means of, about, or relating to a troglodyte.   A troglodyte was a prehistoric cave-dweller, or “a person of degraded, primitive, or brutal character,” according to

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Why Is Radio Host Rush Limbaugh Against The TPP Trade Agreement?

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Recently, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh spoke out against the TPP trade agreement.  Does Rush agree with people on the left who take issue with the trade deal?  It is an interesting turn of events.

3 dead in double murder suicide in York County

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The York County Coroner says three people are dead following a murder-suicide in York County.

State Police were called to the 1600 block of Lisburn Road in Warrington Township just before 8 p.m. Friday to investigate a shooting.

Police found three people shot from an apparent murder suicide.  Two women were killed by a man during a domestic dispute, police said.

The York County coroner identified the man as Martin Kepner, 60. His manner of death was suicide.
The two women that were killed are Laurie Kepner, 54, of West Manchester Township, and Barbara Schrum, 55, of Dover.
Kepner died from a gunshot wound to the head, and Schrum died from trauma to the neck along with a gunshot wound to the head.
State Police are still investigating the incident.

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