What Are Prison Conditions Like For The Baltimore Protesters?

The Young Turks

According to NBC Bay Area, an attorney in the Baltimore Office of the Public Defender has become a Facebook and media sensation after her post describing conditions in a holding cell earlier this week following protesting in Baltimore.

The 1,242-word post by Marci Tarrant Johnson had been shared over 28,000 times as of Friday morning.

Johnson said, “I really felt that this was exceptional and people should know what was going on.”

Johnson described a holding cell where women were told not to drink the water because it was “bad.”

There were 15 women crowded into the cell with no room for them to lie down.

Johnson said some of the women in the cell weren’t sure they had even broken the law, but were caught up in a police sweep and they ended up in jail.

On Thursday, authorities released 101 people from jail without charges being filed.

Officials with the Maryland courts didn’t immediately return phone calls or e-mail from NBC seeking comment.


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