The Day Before Today

Re-blog from In Saner Thought.

In Saner Thought

From the Desk of Chuq

In case you are confused that would be yesterday.  The media did what it always does….it chooses what will be news……no secret that I think very little of the MSM to me they are just a group of worthless propagandists.

Fir instance yesterday…..they reported on a shooting in Texas and the name of a new baby in the Royal family (I will not mention that fake report by FOX News that the rest of the MSM jumped on as fact)…….but let’s talk about these two news reports……..

First, the shooting at an anti-Muslim cartoon fest in Garland, Texas.  Nobody should have been surprised!  The group sponsoring the festival is a “hate for profit” group that pulls down about $3 million a year.  For years they have been spouting hate and the dangers of Islam…….they got the reaction they had hoped for….it provoked someone to talk…

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