CNN Drives To Scotland


According to the British newspaper The Guardian, an election campaign rally attended by the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, Jim Murphy, and the Labour-supporting comedian Eddie Izzard, had to be abandoned after they were ambushed and heckled by Scottish Independence activists.

“Amid scuffles, involving a handful of protesters and party members, Murphy and Izzard were forced to abandon an open-air rally and interviews with the media on Buchanan Street in central Glasgow, before driving away,” writes The Guardian.

Several protesters who had been waiting with a banner reading “Red Tories Out” began playing music and heckling with a bullhorn after the Labour pair arrived with supporters at about 11am.

Oddly enough, Labour is also anti-Tory. However, Scotland has its own party, the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is the Leader of the SNP.

(Updated article)


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